Mar 6, 2011

Withering Forest

This is the finished painting of the teaser I showed you last time. It's a slightly bigger version than the one on my deviantArt, so please click to enlarge!

And here are some close-ups exclusively for all the great people who like to look at my blog. (Again, please click it for a bigger picture.)


  1. Thank you for sharing this picture. I really like it's muted tones. The green looks so natural and claming. I have noticed that your figures generally wear a slightly melancholic expression, linking to the autumnal feel perhaps...

  2. What a huge amount of work you put into this! I applaud your patience. It turned out really beautiful.

  3. i am a rookie and it inspires me so much with how far you have come. i feel really motivated. i love the smoothed tones you have given to it. and it looks like huge amount of concentration and time has been given to the painting