Jul 8, 2016

MtG Eldritch Moon

Liliana, the Last Hope

This card from the Eldritch Moon set was recently spoiled, so here is the full image. I really enjoyed painting Liliana - she's my favorite planeswalker!

You can get prints on inprnt!


  1. Awesome as usual, Anna.

  2. Will we ever get to see a tutorial or step by step on this one? It's amazing!

  3. Hello Anna ! I am a french magic the gathering player and i am big fan of the planeswalker liliana and your draw of " Liliana, the Last Hope " is really my favorite one. So there is the question, i wanted to know that it possible to do for poor student a playable " Liliana the Last Hope " from your hand please... I'm waiting for your answer and if it is not possible sorry for disturbing you, have a good Day !! 😀