Jul 8, 2015


Magic: The Gathering - Anointer of Champions, ©Wizards of the Coast

Magic: The Gathering - Blessed Spirits, ©Wizards of the Coast

It's almost a year ago since I got to paint these first two card illustrations for Magic: the Gathering. Working with Wizards of the Coast has been a blast ever since :)

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Unfortunately there are no original sketches for these available, since they were painted entirely in Photoshop. Since a bunch of people have been asking about that though, I will try to do future sketches in traditional media!


  1. Now I feel the urge to pick up playing M:tG again and get your cards xD I love both illustrations though I think the Blessed Spirits one is my favourite of the two <3

  2. Love your blessed spirits illustration!!

  3. Anna
    Love the artwork on Blessed Spirits, very evocative. A couple of questions if you have time to answer.
    1. What are the 'holes' on the boys chest ? (the light filtering through them)
    2. What is the bird on the stained glass?
    The request is I would like to get this as a playmat for mtg. I would like your permission to use this as a one off for personal use, happy to buy a print or an artist proof for the playmat.
    Many thanks

    1. The art direction called for light filtering through the ghosts like sunbeams through clouds :)
      The bird was very convenient compositionally and is a bit of an homage to Marcelo Vignali's Birds of Paradise.
      Not sure what the rules are about playmat printing, but I don't give out printable files. Sorry!

  4. I absolutely love your artwork for Anointer. Wonderful use of light and composition.

  5. Blessed Spirits must be the most beautiful MtG card ever!!! I love it! :-)

  6. Blessed Spirits is beautiful, yet I can't help but feel a touch of sadness looking at the spirits of little kids. Anyways, wonderful job.