May 6, 2013


Earlier this year I had the pleasure of creating a workshop for ImagineFX magazine. In the article I give some insight into my process and share tips about painting fabric in motion. The issue is on sale right now - this is one here:

... and this is what the my workshop looks like:

You can watch a preview on Youtube and buy the issue here :)

On an unrelated matter, this is my first set of illustrations for Legend of the Cryptids, which recently got released. They were so much fun to work on!

And finally, a one-and-a-half hour warm-up sketch of Jeor Mormont, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch from A Song of Ice and Fire. I'm a huge fan of the books, so this guy is based on how I imagined him from the descriptions. I love the TV series as well though :)


  1. Hi Anna, we've spoken on deviantArt before (I'm 'doctorchim') and I just wanted to drop in here and say that I loved the tutorial (I read it last night). I'm continously blown away by your work and that Jeor sketch is fabulous, hope you do a series of GoT ones! Cheers x

    1. Thank you Dirk! I'm happy you enjoyed the tutorial :D I'll probably do quite a few more GoT sketches - it's just so much fun :D