Mar 2, 2013


After a pretty busy month I had time to do some of studies again these past few days. First off, a skull from life - experimenting with a red lamp, 2 hours each.

These really go to show what a big difference a good lighting setup can make. The first one (besides being quite painful to stare at for such a long time) looks a lot less interesting than the second one, doesn't it?

In these two quicker photo studies I played around with texture brushes and the smudge tool again.


  1. Those brush strokes. You make it look so simple. How do you do it?

    1. Aw thanks Vicco :3 I don't know, I've just been trying to use fewer strokes and it gets a little easier each time.
      Now if I could only find a way to implement it into my work... :/

    2. This is really inspiring:) And the comment on good lighting setup really got me thinking. Keep up the posts! Can't wait to see more:)