Jul 27, 2012


To start this off, here are a couple of super quick paintings which I've been doing randomly to unwind.
Ygritte from a Song of Ice and Fire <3
... a weird Barbie-looking girl waving goodbye o_o
... and Marceline the Vampire Queen!

Also, a pretty lame landscape thing I did from memory after staring out the window for a while. I did kind of capture the colors though - a small success at least!

Onto the studies!
Quick-ish John Atkinson Grimshaw master study

Brush economy and some derpy faces :3

awesome horse armor

And finally, one of these quick paintings from the beginning of the post taken to finish. Done after the last two studies :)


  1. wow, sehr nice. Das letzte Portrait is mein fav. :)

  2. That last portrait is fuckin' awesome! Such an interesting character.

  3. Hi Anna your work introduced here

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